January 26, 2015

The weekend was full of the breath. I paid a lot of attention to bringing my awareness back to how I was breathing and how I felt as a result. Yoga incorporated into both days, although I ended up sleeping a lot on Saturday. It felt so good to recuperate, to put the week behind me and build up my strength for organizing my space and releasing any built up tension. Listening to music and just appreciating the ability to be present in it, to absorb the information between the beats and synchronize with my own frequency. I spent a lot of time observing. Watching my own mind and the patterns that surface, the fears and hopes, what excites me and what annoys me. My chameleon spirit, taking on forms and then shedding them. Instead of adding pressure, turning my stomach with the future, I let myself feel at ease in the present.

Last night I did yoga sessions on Gaiam TV that was ‘to bring the fire’ through Vinyasa poses and then a yin yoga to focus on connective tissue. I did my head stand, hand stand and shoulder stand and noticed the little changes in each, the allowance compared to the last time I did them. My body is being challenged. Following these yoga sessions, I did a visual meditation with the help of fractals and apha frequency. It was easy to glide into the shapes, let the color trickle into my mind and follow the breath through the flowing lines. I felt recharged after this and hyper aware of the bundle of energy pulsing in my chest. Very content.

Today I am focusing on continuing this flow. Being present and vibrant, keeping the light at my center and grounding through my feet. Sturdy, I am bringing the magic into my day with imagining roots of a tree and water flowing easy around any obstacle. I am also very excited about creative endeavors and brainstorming new ways to express and share ideas.