January 22, 2015

Early morning, feeling vibrant and ready for whatever the day brings. I decided before falling asleep that I would pump color into the day, in the office or where ever I am. I will keep my mind working, visualizing and creating a new story. Yesterday when I got home, I had let myself get so depleted from the day at work that I went straight into bed for a nap. I felt like I couldn’t keep my head up. The environment can do that to me if I let it. When I finally shook off the sleep and when to yoga, there was a wonderful surprise waiting. Yin yoga is a different kind, as opposed to the more intense Vinyasa and Ashtanga that I have been doing. It focuses on the connective tissue and using the body as resistance, stretching all aspects of the legs and back. Meditative, slow and sincere. It begins with awareness and ends with awareness and as a result, listening to the body is so much easier. The feedback in muscles that can be but a whisper becomes clearly audible. This yin yoga rocked my world, gently.

Today is fresh and new and I am reaping the benefits of the yoga last night. Dancing into my day with a vision, a dedication to moving forward, continuing towards my goals. Adding earlier mornings to my list, because having more time to enjoy all the things I want to do in a day is a blessing. Focus on the breath and the sensations at the tips of my fingers and toes. Carrying my new lessons with me everywhere I go.