January 21, 2015

I can’t believe the increase in my energy level since I started some lifestyle changes. Cutting out dairy has been amazing as well as adding some pineview farms chicken back into my diet. Being dairy free wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I have become more and more conscious of what I choose to eat and how it ends up making me feel. Making active choices and tweaking my diet, has been a wonderful experiment. I can’t emphasize how much I love morning smoothies and the mixture of fruit, coconut water, chia seeds, flax, hemp halves, protein and kale. This is a burst of energy in a cup and followed with an egg and some Earth Bound bakery bread spells one heavenly morning start.

The other change is yoga. I was always interested in yoga but not quite set that it was for me. I went to a personal trainer for a little over a year and loved the strength aspect and how much more energy I had. The aversion to working out wasn’t going away though; I liked how it felt after but didn’t really enjoy leading up to it or during. I need to feel a more meaningful purpose than the physical, a deeper purpose. I was working towards wellness and building strength, seeing results but that was it. I established my dedication to taking care of myself in this way but I also needed a process that would bring me into my body and allow other transformations to occur simultaneously. That’s where yoga comes in. I don’t have to use the breath in short bursts the way I did in the gym. I could drink in the breath and use it to guide every movement, allowing me to link in the movements, the poses appealing to my mind and naturally providing focus. Sacred movement brought new meaning; I was honing my spirit and not just my muscles. Flowing through the poses on the wave of the breath, mixing meditative practices with deep exercises that awaken my tissue and my desire to do more and more. It is beautiful to set goals for my body and begin to meet them.

Meditation has been an interesting experience for me. I went to Ground Yoga last Saturday and started a 10 week meditation course. Every Saturday will be another focus point explored. As I started the meditation, I became so content to sit quietly and let the silence in. The peace that I felt was crisp bliss. The breath transformed into liquid gold, varying from solid to light, it filled me as though I was a hollow vessel, with each out breath it left and filled the area around me. Then back in again. Until finally the gold liquid equally filled me and my surroundings and it was just purely an exchange of focus from the inside to the outside. I am looking forward to this experience in my daily life, it brings such joy and grounding, a perfect reminder of the larger picture.

Today, it was nice to recognize these changes taking place as I continue to expand on them and watch them bring more light into my every day.