January 20, 2015

Starting the day with the breath. Each long inhale is followed by the exhale, drawing deep into my chest and letting the air flow easily out. I never thought I would enjoy the breath so much, or depend on its ability to ground me, and give me a much needed clarity. The morning was sweet, from the moment I stepped out into the fresh fallen snow and blanket sky. I am going through the poses in my mind, expanding my thoughts into physical manifestations. Determined to let yoga infuse more than just my body, I flex within, and let the grace absorb into my being. My goals transform and build layer upon layer, as I become more aware of the actions that will lead me to where I want to be.

At lunch today, I watched a documentary called ‘Inner worlds Outer worlds’ on GaiamTV and it was the perfect manifestation of some of the thoughts that have been surfacing. Some of the concepts that it discussed were relating to Indra’s net (also called Indra’s jewels or Indra’s pearls) which is used to illustrate ideas such as emptiness or dependent origination. Indra’s new is a many pointed jewel and each jewel is reflected in all of the other jewels. This led to discussion about fractals and how in the 1980s mathematical equations were able to duplicate images that were found in nature. The fractals are infinitely complex and yet each part creates the whole. It is called a self-similar pattern; fractals can be nearly the same at different levels. The images of the fractals had me in a trance. The chaos of vibration and color, twisting shapes and going deeper and deeper to find another in which each edge is another world in itself. As I watch, I am actively engaged, creating the patterns with my instant recognition of them. My mind is finding similarities and distracted from the background I begin seeking out the shapes that I find beautiful.

I was intrigued by the chaos and the layer upon layer, each the same but strikingly beautiful again and again. When I am still enough, my mind begins to go through what seems to be fractals. Macro to micro, and circling around again. I come to the conclusion that I am viewing myself through many different means. That when I truly see, there is no distinction between my surroundings and me. The bridge closes and separation wavers, the veil lifts and I know creation is manifesting the ability to see itself as itself.