January 16, 2015

Struggle is part of life and a method to find grace. Suffering gracefully has been a concept in the back of my mind for a while now.  It is quite the task to try to find challenges as gifts and to use each as a tool for awakening the larger picture. What hurts now is going to evolve, like the burn in muscle as I push through an exercise; there is a release and growth. I can see each step, a resounding optimism fills me with the things I must do and where I must go. When I start to feel stressed I try to reflect on what has happened in the past. My archival memory and experience opens and out comes pain to show herself fully to me. Yet here I am, in one piece, moving to the next step of the journey. I survive until the next day, when all the challenges have been intangible, brought into the physical by a scrunched brow and shaking hands, maybe tears. I am standing somewhere else now because of it, far enough away to look back and appreciate the tumultuous path and how it shaped me. My intention is to continue to be strong and be wise enough to see what may be perceived as problems in my life, as lessons that will guide me where I need to be. As I change and reflect on what catalyzed that change, I can feel at peace.