January 15, 2015

My motivation is sky rocketing. I am setting small goals for myself within a larger picture. The details are clear and I hold the larger image as a reminder for what is to come. The passion seeps in to my day and my senses are heightened. There is no reason why I can’t accomplish what I am setting out to do. There will be things that arise while I am on this motivated path that will present new opportunities, ways to add dimensions and experience the nectar of the journey fully. The sweet savory tastes of morning are getting even better as I realize what can be done in one day, a week, a month, and a year. Every step is one in the direction I am choosing, with action, energy and focus on an ultimate shift. I have let the ideas simmer, rolling around in my brain for years it seems and now I have to practice what I have soaked up, what I have imagined again and again.

Some small goals that I am diving into:

-head stand (current 3 minutes – moving towards 5 minutes daily)

-shoulder stand (incorporate into daily practice 5 minutes)

-reaching maximum potential with a morning smoothie (chia seeds, flax, hemp hearts, banana, field berry mix, kale, protein, yogurt)

-gym X 3 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) @ 7-8am

-yoga X 3 (weekly mixture of vinyasa, power vinyasa and music flow)

-Saturday meditation (Ground Yoga 10 week practice)

-art (skulls, mandalas, water color) creativity bursts throughout the week (essential Sundays)