January 13, 2015

There is a major urge for a change. I have felt it for a long time but there is always that feeling of powerless as though my circumstances can’t be changed and this is life. I am starting to see how much of an excuse that is. It isn’t going to happen overnight, it may take weeks, months, years, but I want to point myself in the direction I had always hoped for. That includes living a more creative life and gearing towards making a living doing just that. What that entails is not completely clear. The things I am passionate about will guide me and the more time and energy I put into them, the more potential will manifest into a means. This website was a start, a way to bring ideas into reality and I am so happy I took that step. There are many more steps though and this feels like a good place to start. The realization came with understanding that loops need to be broken and the same lessons will continue to surface until I make the choice to choose differently. It seems basic but it was a hard one to accept. In addition, my desire to do most things on my own has its limits. It’s not really shyness but I have distanced myself from any relationship that could have benefited or propelled my projects and that has happened for years. I know that I can’t continue that way, the future need collaboration and a willingness to open up.