January 12, 2015

Yoga practice begins. I have a new zest for practice that I have known for a long time would help me reach my goals. I am excited to change up my lifestyle and infuse my day with passion towards an activity that will give back. I have been thinking a lot about the sides of a triangle, the harmony of the image and how I strive for it. Body, mind and spirit combine and when one is lacking, the others suffer. I am joining up the pieces, creating a stronger foundation to build what I know is coming. Transformative and abundant. There is no limit to what is possible and the more I realize that, the freer I feel. I am recognizing the loops that I have been caught in. How I have limited my growth in so many ways, the past is the past. Moving forward, gaining speed and understanding the truth. That time is perception, relative to the situation, and may not exist at all. The boxes that exist in my mind, in the thoughts I have circulated are winding out, creating a space for new developments. As I process these ideas, I feel bliss.