intentions bloom

We are locked in, the moment presents to us an opportunity to shed some skin. I step cautious out of the bone and musculature, caught on the spring of a tendon. Shaking out the heavy nature of being defined, I let it lay flat on the floor. I have no eyes yet I can see you clearly as you leave behind your identity. Sharing the air and flight of light by candles. We left our words behind and rely only on our truth, our raw beings beginning to dance and push forward the first sweeping tendrils of touch. You seem to know, as I know, every part of my past dropped with the mass of my body. Yet aching remains, to combine fully and finally with the rest of the room and you. Time warps and spins circular, webs spreading outward and clarifying what always had us caught and confused. Without fear, we connect on every level, our molecular patterns shifting to meet again and again. Lust dissolved long ago with skin, intentions bloom and we are drifting into new dimensions of thought. Unravelling together the mystery of our life and death, remembering what we constantly forgot. Until the seed of thought formed that we might be separate, I knew.