Heads to hearts

Moving my hips to the rhythm, sensation crawls my body and lands
Each sound as lover and open dialogue with muscle and bone
Caressing the silver slides of vowel until it makes my hair stand
No deliverance, or importance to the next second passing, only
Pieces digesting into movement and leaping off me onto you

I can accept the words that die, silence coats our meetings but
The song picks up where we last left all these stories crept weighted into
Our hearts and we just left it
To remember is to relive, undo, the done

I unleash the beats on the air around, thrusting and adjusting to the emptiness
Strangers in the space between yet meeting in the slippery skin
Eyes linked, we close the windows and the doors, air flows seamless peeling
Back the onion until we find ourselves at a core winding back
Heads to hearts and now vibrations bleed into soupy mixture
We weren’t made for conversations only the sway and tips of fingers

When I shut my eyes, I feel the room, each pulsing frame combines
To meet at the temple, the crust caves to make space for more
There was a time I separated, identified with the rush of warm
But we have transformed, as is necessary because
To remember is to relive, undo, the done