Habits are deep

Opening my heart is hard. So many sharp edges, the slippery concepts that slide against my skin. Every day I am opening, breaking down barriers and suggesting reinvention. My habits are deep, residing at my center until I find those roots and succeed them. Revitalizing, I am seeking new thoughts, an end to self destruction and blooming resilience. I can feel that intention, a sliver of light radiating at the cellular level, rippling through my being daily. These visions are becoming reality, all my manifestations knocking on inner doors. How can I pretend that I am finite when eternity visits me in my dreams? The edges disappear and I am comfortable in the void, as the cords of attachment fall away and leave me bare. Nothing to hold onto, the pain pierces surface levels and transforms into bliss. I can let it all in, no filters or numbing quality, my heart can handle everything. The time will pass anyways so why not dance, sing songs that create balance and reside in my most natural state. It’s all leaving anyways, the cages keep opening and calling me, prison prisms of belief. There is more than I could imagine but have imagined, knowing it all for certain but not understanding how. As I learn the art of letting go, more and more comes.