temple dream

all this time watching and learning,
trying to accept a frame with flesh draped,
when I am pieces of a puzzle lifted
from space and looped over star dust.
this room is charged with energy,
my personality just a sliver,
sliced with a hot knife and cauterized
with the sacred identity that is
part and parcel of being human.
this sound protects me,
a song from my spirit that catches
each and every thought that tells me
I am just a ghost in a machine
and transforms my mind into that golden temple.
the one that haunts my dreams,
bending over the landscape in fractal perfection
dipping edges in irredesence
painting my insides with destiny.
I am slippery silence on the edge of a word,
cliffs of understanding, diving deep into an ocean
of always enough to keep me wanting,
desire will bring me back again and again.