February 3, 2015

The night was so long and deep, full of color and shape. I was swimming, limbs splayed and crawling through underwater kingdoms. Up to the light and falling from the top of trees into soft moss beds. The sky turned upside down and I hung to blades of grass. Sometimes in the morning, I like to pretend I don’t know myself very well. Like the face in the mirror is brand new and I can appreciate every difference, and not compare to yesterday or last year. There is only this flesh and bone and the new morning that is limitless. I put up a little wall and start from scratch for as long as I can muster. Pretending as though I was a child again. Appreciating the taste of the smoothie as it rolls down my throat giving me sustenance and providing an energy that seeps through my skin and awakens each cell. Blood flowing around the bends and cascading back to the source, I remember to recognize these beautiful occurrences. It is so simple, the earth is pulsing through my feet and to my core, I bring the garden to life in the midst of winter. Imagining leafy green bundles, connection at my root. My breath has a texture, caressing my throat and filling my heart, I don’t want to miss a second. So I imagine, this fresh body, vitality overflowing and endless energy that I am right where I need to be. There is no push, pull, just the calm collected lake between valleys, resting while life beads through.