February 25, 2015

I am bursting at the seams to create. It is a little like Spring fever, the images dancing in my mind. Ideas of massive mandalas, on walls, wood blocks, carved out clay on wood then adding color and glaze. Throughout the day, I feel like I am working on the details, maybe this is why when I sit down to start the art, it flows out. I am aching to use my hands and construct material. Adding together layers, pieces that make up the puzzle and the final product is mesmerizing. The different mediums feels important to me right now, I want to get out of my comfort zone with the designs. Three dimensional, texturized and pliable, I want to feel them individually, create the character.

In the next few weeks these projects need to be activated. I picture the tiles, ink alcohol, paper mache, wax thread, connections with wood and nail. Also, incorporating musical elements, decorating didgeridoos, flutes, drums. Starting with this weekend and buying supplies and taking the time to plan out my progress. Something to bite onto, to allow the creativity juices to flow and get lost in the building. I can feel the transfer from internal to external coming, nearing the surface and bursting the bubble with a physical presence. I have been mulling, soaking in the brew of ideas and finally I can feel the next steps. After spending so much time on work, taking on a second job and sacrificing free time so that I can manifest the resources, it will pay off.