February 18, 2015

I woke up early and spent some time reading, stretching, doing yoga and it set the tone for the day. When I was falling asleep last night, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything surrounding me. Down to the simplest things, I have the ability to interpret every situation and I am genuinely happy for this moment. A full spectrum overflowing with energy and beauty. I went to McNally’s last night and drank tea while roaming the shelves, it was a slow paced night without any desires to be anywhere but that exact situation. The ups and downs seem pronounced sometimes, but the sweetness of the calm after a storm allows me to breath and regather. Continuing with my goals, my destinations and ultimate big picture. I get lost in the fragile details and then zoom out to the master pieces, the moving jumbo puzzle. Today the air flows freely, no blocks in my chest, and my heart is opening. I have a lot of colors in my vision today, visuals with sound and light. Contemplating my dream about Shiva last night. He appeared as a dark shape coming into light, using his finger to draw 3 lines on my forehead and whisper into my ear, ‘we are the same’. I felt like I was dieing and being born at the same time. This life is truly abundant.

Golden Mandala. Started slow from the centre and turning it out softly. Popping out of the page to meet me, I place each line as a mirror of my mind.