February 13, 2015

New beginnings. The last few days I have had an abundance of energy. I surge of pressure at the center of my chest and it spreads outwards, slow moving down my arms and I feel like I could laugh or cry or both. Taking in my environment through new eyes and enjoying every part of the day. I feel like I am finding new treasures in the ordinary. They were never hidden but I never took the time to look. In strangers faces, the sky in the morning, the shock of cold when I go outside, the feeling of my hair brushing my shoulders. The simplest parts of my day are the best. I love being around children because this is the world they live in naturally. Each moment is bursting at the seams and joy can be accessed from anywhere. Happiness is a state of being.

When I am caught in a cycle of thoughts that causes suffering, the door to this gratitude closes. For that time, I become more conscious of the things I don’t have instead of the abundance I do have. This is flux that remains part of every day. The space between this frame of mind and the grateful state of mind is changing. Awareness is planted in the core of my spirit, connecting me to the frequencies of the day and the multitude of opportunity that I barely tap into. I can imagine all the ways that I want to contribute to the world. It is at the brink, and I keep thinking how many ways can I express these ideas? Starting small, with my vibration lifting and becoming a source of calmness for others, a lift that might make them feel more comfortable or cause them to smile. Listening genuinely, being present during conversation and allowing the words reside long enough for understanding and compassion. Truly giving of my time and my space without expectations. This is my start point.