Exploration 2

Setting: drifting in song
When I have the opportunity to point all my attention to music, the most vivid images come alive. Scenes that play out in vivid detail behind my eyes and sensations are included in the ride. A pair of headphones is all I need, somewhere to lay down and shut my eyes and collide with the melodies. I can immediately get a sense for the mood, the emotions linked, creating a foundation and a way to begin shaping the experience. It is a subjective experience; my state of mind is an active ingredient of the images that surface. Mixtures of shapes, forms, giving details about their nature, if they are welcoming to the touch, some might have a taste. As the introduction slips into my ears, I begin to push my way through a translucent doorway, a substance that makes the transition tangible. An exit from one reality and entrance into another, where the music and the creator of the music reveal a new state. This might include characters, places, animals, space, underwater, slow motion, fabricated existence from the vibrations and all elements in the song including what isn’t in the song. Meaning, even the miniscule silence or echoes of other sound in the song provide context. The images may come all at once or construct themselves in some semblance of order, a stretch of land, the vastness of the sea, the crunch of the earth or soft give of plant matter against my skin. The vibrations provide everything that I need to know. The integrated story, full harmony, balanced vision with character, a glimpse into a mind that doesn’t seem to be mine at all. Tapping in. Letting it click. Watching it unravel and then construct itself again. The histories are almost forgotten, like an escape into another dimension. Swelling up, the waves of sound sweep me out to sea. I don’t have to worry about getting lost; each step is met with a beat, a slate of porcelain key to move me to the next level. Creation all around me, down to my core, it radiates at my center, pulling color from my base and curling it around my body. Cocooning my spirit and opening my eyes wide on the inside.