Exploration 4

Laying in bed, before sleep there is a state that I climb into. My body shuts down for rest, and my breath slows to a steady rhythm. There is roominess, releasing the tension of the day and my mind flattens, stretches, rolls itself. Images rise into form, from a black void, each stepping forward and allowing expression. Some of these images are recognizable, they are ideas that I have collected throughout the day or that have rooted into my consciousness until they manifest. Like having hands inside my head, I run fingers over the shapes, the colors prickle, fold into textures and smooth out like water running down the sides into nothingness. Opening out and then folding down, rinsing in the sight of my inner eye and then back into the emptiness where everything is. I embrace these experiences, as they come with more regularity, sifting through my being and revealing stories, taking my travels backwards. To the underlands, the shifting and unbreakable.