Exploration 1

Setting: office, excel spreadsheet, report

The numbers tie me over. In a job that calls for spreadsheets and reports, analyzing data, I need to see the beauty of the tender little figures on the page. As I let them transcend the boundary between the external and the internal, they transform. Swelling into throbbing bodies of life, determined to be seen.There is no limit to their expansion, spilling over edges, out of the computer screen and onto the desk in front of me. Sticky goop of energy rising with breath and relaxing into waves of sound. A vibration that picks at my ears and shells them out, reconstructs a beat, some lyrical honey to pass the hours in a day. The lines no longer divide; the spreadsheet comes alive, dancing harmony on the shaky foundation of technology. Absorbing into my skin, the construction pushes further in, colors melting into a soup with sleepy bubbles popping and slopping on the edges of my mind. They show me their elegance, the perfect palace built on blending the realities, making 2’s into indigos.