Energy follows Thought: Visualization

Visualization is when you can create a picture in your mind’s eye of what you want to happen. There is a magical idea that “Energy follows thought”
What this means is that if you create and see something in your mind, that image attracts energy and whatever you’re picturing begins to become a reality.
Visualization is more like using affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat over and over to yourself to impress them on your subconscious (this works also for lucid dreaming right before bed say “I want to remember i’m dreaming” until you fall into the hypnagogic state and eventually into dreamland :)  ) mind, the subconscious works to make the idea a reality.

Unlike your conscious mind, which is tied more closely to your everyday life and probably has a healthy dose of skepticism, your subconscous mind believes everything it’s told. It’s very literal. It’s the ego talking basically. It questions everything. The subconscious has no such analytical barriers, it works purely on intuition.

But the subconscious – Enigmatic thing that it is – works better with pictures than it does with words, basically spacial thinking of the right hemisphere of the brain is dominated by visualization rather than words and thoughts. IMAGES

So if you learn to visualize what you want to happen, it will be easier for your mind to grasp what you’re aiming for than if you just say it out loud. When you form an image in your mind – even your conscious mind – it begins to become a reality for you. The more often you visualize something, the more real it becomes in your mind. And the more real it becomes in your mind the more real it is elsewhere too. This is the true key to manifestation.

When you try to visualize, get in all the details, look closely at it,  feel the object, feel the atmosphere, feel the texture, feel the emotions, feel everything about it, visualize it as if you were creating it from a novel inside your head. Visualization can be very easy once you get the hang of it, you won’t even realize it but you’ll start doing it with everything!
The true power is within the thought
always remember this
The power is in the mind
and it has always been
So start visualizing all your hopes and dreams