Catapulted out, into the cracks of sleep, I am living more in the magical landscapes of color. The spectrum of emotions, wide gaping fear danced on my face and I watched as the stories unraveled beyond any notion I ever thought I could have. My life soaking up into the weeks that pass in a minute of dream, the people that I grow accustom to seeing. I had forgotten the sun flickering through the familiar window and in the groves of sky, I melted through rational thinking into soft clusters of sporadic. I wake only to be pulled back, the lines of speech not yet concluded and there is a tug a war with my night body. I remember falling onto a golden tree and evaporating from a transparent leaf into nothing, only to become something in the flicker of my eyelid and rolling back. Running, my lungs inflated and exhilaration wipes me down, I am no longer feet pounding on cement but the wind transformed. Caught behind a mask of human, I become the things that I need to work on, my consciousness contracting and subtracting my progress. Emotions rolling waves, beating my awareness into attempting to correct the background during my waking day. It’s all alive, the sleepy characters of dream, I was part of a mountain swirling down the sturdy slope of rock, broken in a parallel reality and fighting underwater spirits, facing the darkness in form.