standing in a crowded room
surrounded by these words
mindless, careless, i couldnt be less
how can words hurt so much?
the lack of your right words
i listened to the dripping blur of hatred
smooth and glistening

you threaten,
you tell me i cant lose you
you’re tied to me and i should see
the way you’ll cling to me

i think of you,
your name a deep straight cut
down to the core of that thought
i had back when i was pure
and so were you
to talk like there could be companionship
like i could learn and you could teach me

in the mind’s eye
you are slippery, slimy with lies
shiny eyes and rehearsed voice
cracked skin and an oily mat of loathing
a box of sharp things
chasing after the punctureable

these last words are my feeble attempt
more hurtful for me
i know your response will never be enough
you cant manage kindness
mother was right
your soul is dank and dark
swallowed in non-religion and faithlessness
in a world you painted black.