Symphony of bits

The things that I want. To be able to give freely, give it all away without a second thought. To let go of the moment that just passed and be in this one and this one. To open my heart so completely that I can love everyone and emanate love anywhere I go. To dissemble my ideas, little by little, destroying my own fortress built around my being, closing me in. Constant movement without motion sickness. Trusting my instincts so fully that there is a harmony that starts and ends every day. Not worrying about being without. Knowing that there is always something and even without that, I shouldn’t be afraid. To know that I am enough, in my bundle of being and I can let the entire world in, there is room enough in my heart. Vulnerability without the pain, no paranoia, simple basic truth in words and actions. I want to exist and balance the frequencies, each one available and understood for what it is. I want to let life flow over me, all the pain and pleasure without holding on to any of it. Just tickles of energy floating by. I want to be raw, ripped open and bleeding with pure abundance. I want to see throw to the center and enjoy the journey, without losing focus on the destination. I want to recognize my connection and embrace all the paradoxes, sweet synchronicities that blossom into opportunity. To be a witness to my own mind, and laugh out loud at the poignancy of it all. To infuse joy to even the smallest of daily activities until my life becomes a symphony of bits, each equally precious.