December 22, 2014

The morning has been reflective. I am looking forward to a release of energy and to put some of my thoughts into action. Today is going to be a more physical day, I know that I can accomplish some of my goals in the gym. I went yesterday and experienced a very calm mixed with intensity. My focus was targeted and my mind and body was united. I was able to feel completely comfortable with what I was doing and the environment. I could feel the energy that I was giving off, like a scent and I appreciated the rejuvenation that came with every deep breath. There is a shift today, but it is my opportunity to bring this environment back and stimulate growth. I have clear visions in my head and my body is carrying a potential that is fueling this concentration on the physical. I need to watch my thoughts today, a lot of memories are floating up. This is not necessarily negative but it is a distraction. I have been using mantras on and off during the morning to help retrain my focus and keep me positive.