May 9, 2015 Daydream reality

I won the lottery. Money has fallen into my lap and I am completely free. I have no more financial troubles, abundance has flowed into my life. I have decided to travel the world and see everything there is to see. I will buy a house here before I go and rent it to friends or people that I can trust. The animals will be taken care of and loved while I am gone. I am going to travel to the ocean first, anywhere that I can along the shores, feeling at ease as I am finally where I have daydreamed about being. I feel utterly relieved, my chest light and my face lifted of life. I am coming into myself, feeling the flow of life take me where I need to go. I will go to villages and live by the ocean for awhile, do art workshops, swim every morning and night. I will do a pilgrimage and meet new people, more travelers that I will travel with for awhile. I am taking care of myself completely. My skin is radiant, my hair growing long and healthy, I feel pure on the inside, like I am full of golden light. I am sending out vibrations of freedom and carefree, there is also sorts of positivity being drawn to me. I am smiling all the time, joy rippling off my being. I am ultra sensitive to the world around me and all the details. I decide to write a book, so I buy a beach house with windows that blow sea breezes through and I sit at a table facing the water. I write about energy, the abundance, the things that I am grateful for. I write about life and the perfection of everything. The words flow out and I can feel the importance of each one. These words reach other people and guide them. I am being lead by something much larger than myself. I have no worries, I am unlimited in my abilities and can travel at a whim. I make friends easily and my family visits me in different places around the world. We take trips together and we are happy. I climb mountains, scuba dive, spend time in isolated places and in very populated places. I build structures, helpful places for people to learn and grow. I am part of organizations that have very conscious goals and are radiating transformative energy to all parts of the world and beyond. I meditate and let my mind settle and feel completely aligned with my surroundings. My vibrations are in tune with my inner being. I am calm and find it easy to interact with other humans and nature. My body responds to my joy and is in perfect health. I am abundant in all aspects of my life. There is no where that I cannot go and I visit all the places I have ever wondered about and bring people with me to share the experience with. Writing and art are integral parts of my life. I am learning more every day and my new desires are fueling an even closer alignment with who I truly am. I am fulfilling my destiny and encouraging others to do the same. I am full of joy and spread it everywhere I go. I can have whatever I want and share it with others so that I double the enjoyment. I am overflowing with life and abundance. Making the best of every day. I wake up early and walk by the ocean, I sail my boat and take a voyage that brings me to many shores. I absorb knowledge, learn different languages and speak to different people, become part of the cultures, understand perspectives in new ways. I am completely at ease with my environment, always making it better, bringing in more light and love. I am dreaming all the time of what I should do next, receiving guidance from other beings and taking the time to pay attention, to truly listen. I attend a monestary that is liberal and leading edge, I learn how to quiet my mind and pursue a very light path. I deliver talks about my experiences, open and ready to share everything that makes my life so incredible. I am vibrant, like each pore of my being is filled with love and light and it radiates brighter and brighter as I follow my path. I am dedicating my life to my destiny and climbing the rungs of growth, learning comes in stages and I accept it whole heartedly. I am completly and utterly aligned with my inner being and I know what is best for me and why I chose this life. I have freedom in every moment, each present second and it allows me to see the big picture. I understand the larger perspective. I am not afraid of life any longer, I embrace it and look forward to the great experience of death as well. I have taken in the experiences that I am meant to, lived fully and followed my bliss. I continue to write, create art, help others do the same. I am connected with nature and spend time in solitude and completely connected to each and every part. I am creating the reality that I always knew I had. I am becoming, constantly becoming and it will never end. I speak my truth, I am my truth, I live in truth.