darkness coats

As night collides with my thoughts, I dissolve. These broken bones tangled in the sheets, my sorrow sleeping on the floor. There is nothing I could say to myself to bring it back, to turn over, under and remember what brought me to this point. Even the darkness coats, stains my skin and wakes my eyes into youthful spheres of grace. Movies roll and I relax, let go, let the river ride of my life take me over rounded stones and bedded bright fish bellies. Love caught my chin, rubbed my eyes of sleep and told me stories about what the future could bring. About surface layers, the cauterized cuts of past lapped up, absorbed into flesh and falling to the heart of me. To the burnt ember core of my inside. I am steered by the universe, gentle mother hands ease me over the hard truth, the deadened desire and how the patterns arise like weeping waves. Until I recognize, visualize the places I will be, when the day doesn’t defeat me.