cup my spine

my lives cycle like a forest underworld, creeping karma down my back and i know i won’t be forgiven. the summer eats away at my history, the solemn keeps of my memory until only the foundation remains, a web of bits to string a world the right way. fighting the rushing sequence of events, the dipping curve of a lip and up the valley of my cheek. i am hating more than i should, letting the fingers of regret cup my spine and shave my heart of width. if i could corrode the battlefield that has filled the corners and overthrown the chandelier of hopes and dreams. i would pick away at the metallic grind that folds round my freedom, the option to leave. it is impossible to imagine. to taste the sky in gulps and drink distance with the scoop of my feet. i remember, too deep to dig it out, a fragment of myself. wedged and rooted within the parcel of soul that transcends, weakens the will that holds me in place, suspends the beating of my defiant heart and tweeks a thought. of another life.