crystal lake

Just a body in the water, melting distance to the silky bottom. I drift incongruent, currents lapping my skin and eyes open wide in rippled obscurity. The water crept over my skin, digesting and never protesting the difference of my space. I imagine, the surface becoming farther, but surrendering into the warm baths of unity was never easier. Movement stirs, the water alive with finned spines moving through with the currents, I am caught on the mind of a fish, separated briefly from my identity. Replaced in the scaled container, thoughts of fine lines and water moving in soft circles. I am dissolving into the bending bolts of liquid, the edges loose and incomplete. My identifying reaches, tendril fingers over idea. I was born thousands of years of bedrock layers, my surface skimmed and warped by flowering weeds. Mountain brother and valley sister surround me. I am interwoven with the sky in a horizon twist. These histories forget me, every shore a memory. I have become the crystal lake, breathing life into splash and wave, the cup to lips and the sip of my flesh in swimmers mouthes. Overcome by the awareness, the interdependence and place I fill between the sheets of rock. Tubes of light, I am beginning to see the reflections within me. The stars that bead down and hollow through the transparent cords of vesseled current. Drawn up, like a straw into space I dissolve. Again with misconceived identity, I am becoming undone in the naked night. Out of body, the lake leaves my bones, drawn to the carpet of lights. These burning brights that call me out, and flake me off into even this. The fire that plays the water and reminds me once again of awareness, of my multiplicity. These dreams enlighten and caress the fear from my mind. It is all one and just play for the fun.