cinematic scenery

Reminded that this is all fleeting, this body changes and my thoughts are objects. I catch myself moving backwards into the gloss of captured frames. This life a constant wave washing over me, weight on the back of every chance to turn it over. The rhythm of speech, unsettled, musical undertones, I can turn my life into cinematic scenery. When I feel lost, I imagine the swelling breath beneath my bone bridges and carry myself on the casts of energy that blossom. These lines that define me are broken and I spill like the simple matter that created me, forgiven for my fabrications, these stories that bound me. In every you, I find more of the undoing, the patterns that consumed me. In the awareness, melting sequences, I can lay down the hopes, the dynamic drifts of tomorrow. Dancing in the barewalled rooms of my insides, careless expression, I am connecting spirals and underwater vibration unparalleled. These dreams bring me back to the lost lands and piece together my matter masks of last lives. Then the ocean comes through, even when I talk to you, flecks of history morphing in and out. We belong in the over extended, when the shallow paths of our skin collapse and light claims our form.