capillaries of limbs

Skin follicles bending backwards and slinking sideways movement, I am focused on the path of particles and the renewing pulse of blood. Wrapped in a flowing cascade of formations, my body a soaring soul of memories. Pushing into the inscape of everywhere and the channels of everyone, I am learning more about the boundaries created and violated. Colours dance on the capillaries of limbs and down the faces of strangers, chances to glance in and memorize the soft pupiled mirrors. There is less and less difference, the outsides blurring, temples turning silent waves of reaction pouring warmth into a cords of connection. Beating bursts of life into the corridors of this moving ghost of separation, I bump into the other parts of being, the fragrant steps of vision. We wind around, sleeping in a darkness phasing layer on layer, touching the center when we relax our perceptions, collapse the deflections. The more I look, the more I see, impermance in the startling scope of the moments that die and resurrect while I breathe in and out.