Calming Tools

In the moments before emotions take over, in the processing time, there is a window of witness. An opportunity to examine from different angles, to see more than one perspective. One of the qualities I have been focusing on cultivating has been compassion. Instead of reacting from the point of view of my experiences alone and what is going to benefit me most, I want to try to understand other facets. The middle ground between myself and another and how to make leaps towards a compassionate framework. To become aware, as though floating about a situation, a freeze frame before the veil drops and my ego sets in. It is difficult because I do have a well developed ego and my tendency is to view from my own stage of development. I might recognize the many other points but there is a stubbornness in maintaining ground. More and more, in dreams and in reality, I have been allowing a release. Opening the palm of my hand little by little without too much concern about what falls out. The gains become less important, the game becomes less serious, and the wins are no longer so advantageous. I have practices focusing on my aims, what my desires are and started to seek out the roots. This has meant peering into some pretty dark places within myself but every time, I leave a little light. Mantras have helped bring back to the present and the simple truths. “I am abundance, overflowing with joy” “om mani padme hum” “ram ram ram”. Focusing on the cycle of suffering, what causes it, the parts that make me feel uncomfortable, my survival based fears up to my more psychological ones. The vastness of spirit can hold it all. As I attempt to experiment with my different tools, I can feel the excitement growing. It feels so good to be compassionate towards myself.