I found Kavi on kijiji. I had been obsessed with looking for dachshund for weeks. I had one in mind that had fawn colored hair, big brown eyes and preferably a girl. The looks didn’t really matter though when I saw the overall cuteness of every puppy dachshund, I lost my preferences. I finally got in touch with a woman who said she had a puppy that couldn’t be a show dog because of his teeth. She said he was an extraordinarily affectionate puppy and the only one of the litter left, he was lonely. I drove out of the city to a small town and met her in a park. Kavi was wrapped in the arms of the woman’s daughter, a little bundle of brown, copper and grey. I fell in love with his interesting vibe, his little wet nose and shiny black eyes. He sat in my cup holder on the way back to the city. For the weeks to follow I didn’t let Kavi out of my sights, he came with me everywhere. I took him in to the bank with me, to the grocery store, he travelled in the car with me on all my errands and I was way too attached… as a result, Kavi became too attached. His separation anxiety spiked a few months after and I couldn’t have a shower without him in the bathroom with me. He didn’t like the shower curtain and kept jumping at the side of the tub. When I wasn’t in his sights, he whimpered and whined.

The combination of the whimpering, barking, and trying to train him on a pee pad in a condo.. was testing to say the least. I wasn’t cut out to be a single fur baby mom and Kavi was developing the “I do what I want, when I want” attitude really fast. He melted my heart the majority of the time though. Having a little companion that I could cuddle and kiss, helped me through some pretty difficult times. The constant kisses that I gave him started his habit of licking everything. He licked all over faces, toes, hands, legs, he licked and he wouldn’t stop. A Kavi trait that would continue, his little tongue was part of his communication, and how he showed his love!

At first, he wasn’t very good at going for walks. He would lay down every block or so and need to rest his wee legs. I think it was also a case of stubbornness. Even at a very young age, he didn’t appreciate being limited by the leash and having to obey rules. He would lie on the grass and look up showing the whites of his eyes, making a sappy face, as if to say ‘go on without me, I just can’t make it’. I ended up carrying Kavi for the end of our walks.. another example of my errors as a single fur ma. I let him win way too much.

So there is the foundation. Parts of the beginning, the puppyhood of Kavi was pretty blissful …for Kavi. I love him to bits…