On the out breath, I spill my nerves. Feeling everything in a bundle of neurons firing, I can’t imagine all the ways I have survived the rippling effect of change. Now when I sit quietly, I hear a different frame. Words filling the space with rhythm and welcomed softness. I curve my fingers around themselves and enjoy the warmth of skin on skin. My own friction, the startling contrast of silence against my voice as I ask the questions out loud. There is nothing left to fear, and now fear is my ally. A swift dark fox is finding the dormant and waking it up, calling it out. When the paranoia is gone, all that is left is my heartbeat and the comfort of the time ticking by. I embrace this channel weaving down my center, collapsing walls that I built forever ago. That’s what this life is for, I can feel the intentions accumulating, storming out into destiny. Open arms in my dreams, when I close my eyes I can feel them supporting gentler versions of myself.