Astral Travel

Explorations into Astral Travel. I have been spending a lot more time reading my book on Astral Projection. It has been having an impact and I have started a dream journal that will help me train my subconscious to pay attention to my dream time. As a result my dreams have become a lot more vivid in the last week as I explore some of the tools that my book discusses. I am so curious about the action of rolling out of the physical body. The author talks about twisting out of the body, that it can be thought of as an intention to roll out of the physical skin into an astral body.

My dreams of late have engaged my senses completely. Being on an island, absolutely stunning surroundings, and the feeling the leaves of plants between my fingers. Eating fruit and smelling flowers and moist soil. I also felt fear as I encountered shape shifters on the island that could transform into animals, humans, trees, anything that has a life force… which is everything. I was entranced by this being at first but then I sensed that it was malevolent, more so because it did not see death as an end so playing with my life was a game. It planned to kill me but not before having a lot of fun, I realized that I would probably not leave the island. Further on in the dream, I realized that the shape shifter saw my being as one dimensional and it wanted to give me the gift of death and transformation.

I am becoming more aware of the hypnogogic state once I begin to enter into it. The tingling on all my edges, feeling like I am sinking deeper into the bed. It is right before that I enter into my dream state that I should be able to become aware enough to enter my astral body and once I do this a few times, I will have a likelihood of doing it almost every night. There is so much to learn but I feel like it is a door to another world and I can’t wait to explore.