April 23, 2015

If there were no limits… I would astral travel at night and not set my alarm in the morning. I would write my dreams down first thing and then enjoy the remaining visuals imprinted on my minds eye. I would make breakfast and curl up with a book for an hour and take in some inspiration. Taking time with the dogs, I would take them on a walk to the park and let them run and I would run with them, soaking up some sun. The day would be open and full of opportunity and I would spend a lot of time outside, with my hands in the soil. I would work on a garden, day by day, adding pieces, helping it grow and watching the backyard become blossoms and vines. I would plan trips to other countries for weeks at a time. I would learn about the cultures and then write about it, share my experiences in such a way that if someone were to read it, they would be there too. I would bring my imagination back to life and feed it all its favourite things. Let myself unravel all the knots and open the flood gates of my heart. I would take time to talk to people, hear their story and truly care about their being, I would give of my time and focus. I would create art with others, combine ideas and learn how to build on each other, to be alone less. I would spend time in forests where it is quiet and life spills out of the ground. I would drive to the ocean regularly and spend time walking along the shores, drawing in the sand. I would spend every rain storm outside and let my skin soak and drip with the chill. I would let go of every negative thought and see the well rounded truth from all sides, that it is neither good or bad. I would bring out my chalks and draw in parking lots, huge empty slabs of cement to send a message and make someone smile. I would focus on balance, appreciating the value of silence just as much as I value music. I would remember that this is it. The days pass and will continue to pass and as long as I continue to let my destiny be chosen for me… there will be these limits that construct my days for me and make me believe that I don’t have a choice.