April 17, 2015

It’s been a burst of activity. I finished one of the pieces of art that I have been working on for awhile and framed it today. It felt so good to put those final touches on the page and see it all together, as a whole. It has been in my head but having it bridge the gap between my mind and the external is a pure experience. I have had a little time off work and it has made all the difference. I am enjoying the freedom of the day, waking up when it feels right, having the time to contemplate my dreams or astral travel and then seamlessly merging with the day. I wish every day could be like this.

I spent the afternoon painting the largest of 3 terra-cotta pots that I picked up today. I have a desire to surround myself with green growing. Small and big, all sorts of life and I have felt it for awhile now. I want to smell the soil, have it on my hands and then take care of it as it changes, anticipate it’s needs for more sun or water. I have created these plants already in my mind and have been watering them but now I would like to see them in this reality. It felt so good to sit in the sun and feel the light sink into my skin. More simple things to make me smile and fuel the transformations. I feel at peace. The way it is after a rain storm, when the electricity is hanging in the air and there is a quiet calm. My spirit is unwinding and spreading itself out in new ways, it just needed to find a means, a way to release.

I am watching for signs of life, the buds on the trees, the slender stalks of grass poking through the stones, the tiny fly that landed on my hand while I was painting. The smells of squishy earth, the sound of birds bantering in the back yard, and everything is so perfect. I can sense the bulbs of light flowing up through the tree trunks, the stringy lengths climbing up and up and out into sky. I remember Spring again, it seems like every winter I forget it. All I want to do is spread myself out on the grass and feel it all, and let it fill up my heart until I can’t stand it.