April 1, 2015

Truth is that I believe in myself more than I ever have. I have overcome a lot and I used to reflect on all that pain and look for the reasons to blame myself. I used it to weaken instead of as pillars for strength. I am getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror with a different intention. Full bloom is in process, these days are deliciously inviting and I am filling until I overflow, and then I will continue. There is no end in sight for this way of thinking; things are just going to get better. I am not looking for the perfect day of for pure happiness; my pain is just as important as my pleasure. I accepting my darkness because it is part of my depth, there is no shallow pool but a void that I will gladly step into and I love the emptiness.

I can see the pitfalls, the dead ends, and a very interesting path ahead. I love every bit of not knowing and how my imagination is revving up, spilling over, making my ventures brighter. It is all as it should be, without everything that has come before, there are no mistakes. These thoughts allow me to breathe deep, the essence of the day rolls over me and there is no more pushing to change absolutely everything. I am perfect just as I am. If I trust in my intuition, in my center, I will never be lost.

It is so beautiful to feel it all. A renewed connection to the ground around me, to the sensations in my body and how they extend into my environment. Twisting reality, I am the perceiver but I don’t demand control. Embracing the unknown and the challenges that come with it, has a flavor, a texture. I am cradled in the arms of life, toddling out into the expanse, and no longer looking back.