Appreciation. These things will only bring you more pain. The ravenous lusting for more, with the dreams filled and then what, so many are wishing and losing for what you have. Each of us set on circumstance, our platforms built from the sweat of those before us. We cry for the struggles that have no loss within them, the ache will weave deep into the core of your heart. Wanting now for not the curling hands on bills but for inner peace. The prison is only built by you when so many would feel free with the help that you have been given. How does our greed lap at us, the forgotten images, the last of our regrets slipping behind. What lies do we tell in order to deserve, to feel worthy of everything. Feel it roll through you. Appreciation. For the morning and the night and the gifts you are given. How sad, that the more you get, the more you want, the more you demand. It is so much sweeter to work for your gains, to pull yourself over the obstacles and every blossom after is savored. This is a wasting picture of life, not the truths that you should be seeking. The material will fade, the people that love you are giving far more than each monetary whim. Dreams that are worked for, prizes that are paid in heart break, these storms are weathered and you cannot understand how hard some of us have worked. Focus on the splendid within, ache for more there, spend your time begging your spirit to open. These are worth much more than the gains you think you have, happiness will come you when you feel it deep. Appreciation.