aged bear

I dreamed of you. Your bone sculpted with muscle and your animal presence lifting my eyes. We met in your space, in a forest with deep green boughs, shadowy caverns that you had explored. There was no fear when I stood next to you, with your clenched jaws and pinhole eyes. You offered your memory, the sad wet steps on a trail that lead to your death. I know where you spent most of your time, following scents and leaving your mark for the others. I was swept up into your mind, looking behind your eyes and feeling the earth below my feet. The vast expanse of wilderness flowing through my veins and you shared your sorrows and the grace you had in accepting the end. Your ragged coat weathered with the signs of an aged bear, scars hidden deep and carried deeper still. I dreamed of your color, your vibrancy and felt the inner realms of your world. Through the long winters and hot summers you fed with guttural gleams in your belly, only the cushioning wealth of your body to keep you warm. Just as simply, you fell apart, your flesh bending and breaking until your white bones lay perfect at my feet.