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My name is Ash and I live in Saskatoon, SK. I work on animal skulls, combining my passion for mandalas and Archaeology. Each piece is unique and created during a meditative state. After visiting India in 2013, mandalas became an active part of my life – the first one on in a small journal and eventually larger works taking upwards of 120 hours. I had completed my degree in Archaeology and was fascinated with Osteology and Zoo-archaeology, however, my mind was not cut out for strictly academic pursuits.

My art allows me to move between the layers of the mandalas and let go of the past and the ideas that no longer serve me. The mandala itself is very powerful and acts as a reminder of cyclic existence and impermanence. When combined with the animal skulls, the experience provides me with a deeper understanding of the states between life and death. I love the process of preparing the skulls for my art and then the long periods of time I work with them, drawing out the intrinsic beauty and giving them new life.

Photos taken by: Jay Scott Photography

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