Journey to the sun

Stepping into a dream is ecstasy. I linger on the edge of wake and asleep, balancing my astral body on the frontier. Dipping my lunar fingers into the syrupy frost of my unconscious. It all slips away as I derobe, the roles leaping from my identity, shedding skins and dripping history. I follow the voice of my guide, curling the formless over slender musical hips of my inner song. There is a sensation of falling and lifting at the same time, stretching past and then relaxing into void, no more control is necessary. I am light, transparent waves of warmth that gather to bring into awareness a new understanding. This place is home. My final destinations that cradle my being with complete satisfaction and release. Freedom to complete the patterns, linearize the loops and recognize my truth. My body is coated in shimmering silver, sleeping on the bed below me and I can see the room in all it’s detail. I have left the tool behind and string the cord past the ceiling and into the seamless sky. The vibrations pool in the air and heighten awareness of the universal perfection of every sequence of events. I bend into the space between sound and bleed out into existence, all my worries have absorbed into bliss. There is only this moment and the beautiful emptiness.